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Reba Haley, Phd, President & CEO

Dr. Reba Haley is the owner of Reba Haley Realty Group and School located in Valrico, Florida. She obtained her Florida real estate licenses in 1996 and became a real estate broker in 1997 and a real estate instructor in 1998. She has over twenty-years of real estate experience in Florida and Michigan. The real estate agents make you feel like family and help you sell or buy a home. Real Estate Classes and Real Estate Services are offered at 212 S St Cloud Ave Valrico, Fl 33594.

Real Estate Classes

63 Hr Florida Pre-License Real Estate Sales September 12, 2021 Mon-Sat 9:00- 6:00 PM


Reba Haley Realty Group & School 212 S St Cloud Ave Valrico, Fl 33594

Mail PO Box 648 Valrico, Fl 33595 813 716-3996 email rebahaleyrealty@gmail.com

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